Top Ten Of The Finest Ford Mustangs Ever Released

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3. 1979 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car

The Mustang hadn’t been selected to pace Indy since 1964. Three official pace cars were created for track duty. These cars looked identical to the replicas available for sale in every way except for a T-Top, (fitted by Cars and Concepts) an option that wouldn’t be available from the factory until the 1981 Mustang.

They used specially prepared 5.0L V8 engines modified by Roush Industries using a Holley carb, aluminum high-rise intake, and 351 Windsor heads. The engine breathed through 1.84 intake / 1.54 exhaust valves with 289 HiPo springs and the 1970 Boss 302 solid lift cam.

Internals included 1969 Boss 302 connecting rods, forged-steel crankshaft, and forged aluminum TRW pistons with Speed Pro rings. All pace-duty cars used modified C-4 automatic transmissions. The 1979 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car is one of Mustang’s race production cars that is best known for putting out some of the biggest production numbers in Mustang’s history The Pace Car is one of the first-class restorations and low-mileage original time capsule cars we see today that get us excited. A true classic and high point in Mustang’s history

4. 1978 Mustang II King Cobra

The second-generation Ford Mustang is a pony car that was manufactured by Ford from 1973 until 1978. It was introduced in showrooms during September 1973, in coupe and hatchback versions for the 1974 model year, in time for the 1973 oil crisis. In 1978, the “King Cobra” became available.

This was a limited edition version with 4,313 units produced. It featured a deep air-dam, stripes, and a “Pontiac Trans-Am style” cobra snake decal on the hood. The King Cobra was available only with the V8 to help bolster the car’s performance image.With that, the 1978 Mustang II King Cobra is without a doubt among the classic Mustangs.

The design of the car is unique and unlike any of its other relatives. Everything about this model symbolizes a unique moment in Mustang history from its ground effects rear spoiler lacy-spoke aluminum wheels heavy-duty suspension and much more Interesting to look at and fun to drive the King Cobra is a true classic.

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