Top 10 List of Classic Cars – Ever Best Classic Cars

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3. 1969 Corvette Sting Ray

This is definitely an iconic car and you can know it from the design of the car. It is among the best designed classic car and therefore people are still looking for this beauty so that they can buy it and keep it. The 1969 Sting Ray coupe is something that you can get tempted with because it has the looks and the performance factor combined together. It has split rear suspension, disc brakes, big block engine, split rear window and side exhaust pipes. The car has been very popular and therefore you will see it in various Hollywood movies as well.

4. 1948 Tucker

Do you love to make people turn their head while you drive the streets? Well, that is exactly what 1948 Tucker can do. The car is a piece of art and innovation and it still remains one of the most sought after cars. Designed by Preston Tucker and Alex Tremulis 1948 Tucker is hard to find and therefore the price factor for this car will be high even if you find it. This car was not made in lots and therefore you will only find selective people having 1948 Tucker and enjoying the innovative features that were out of the world at that time.

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