These Are The Top Ten Classic Cars for the Teen Enthusiast

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#8 1980s Volkswagen Scirocco or GTI

Quick, light, and nimble, these 1.8 liter, 16-valve stable-mates were fun in the ’80s and they still offer smiles aplenty today. Go ahead and scoff at the 123 horsepower, but the Scirocco held its own against the much pricier BMW 325s and Porsche 944s of the day and the GTI remains a stalwart of the hot hatch class. Volkswagens and Audis of this period were known to be, shall we say, mechanically finicky but if you can live with their flaws, you’ll have a lot of enjoyment in store.

#7 Saab 900 Turbo

Where most carmakers are content to ensure that their cars can withstand a collision with a deer, the Swedes have long prepared for a bigger possibility: moose. The so-called “Moose Test” puts Saabs and Volvos through a two-step process that first tests the car’s agility in avoiding a collision with a moose, while the second phase tests the strength of the A-pillar in the event of a collision. A turbocharged car that can do battle with a 1,000-pound bull moose–need we say more? For further persuasion, check out our video on the Saab 900 Turbo.

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