The Top Five Most Uber Expensive Luxury Supercars in the World

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In the elite world of uber-expensive cars, the familiar luxury car makers such as Mercedes, Jaguar, and Lexus are rarely found. Ultra-expensive car companies aren’t familiar to most people, because there are so few of these autos around. When it comes to cars worth millions of dollars, there are few contenders, because the market is much smaller, and the cars cost so much to produce.

While these very expensive cars aren’t intended for running errands or taking the family out for a Sunday drive, they can reach speeds more than 100 miles per hour in a few seconds. These five autos all have price tags well over the $1 million mark, and one can only imagine the automobile insurance quotes the elite buyers must have to pay each year just to protect their assets.

Gold Plated Lamborghini Aventador

While only a prototype has been produced to date, the new gold-plated Lamborghini has a $7.5 million price tag and features 25 kilograms of pure gold, Inquisitr reports. The car will be auctioned off, presumably with a $7.5 million minimum, with $650,000 being donated to charity. Once the vehicle is sold, the gold-plated Lamborghini will be built to the buyer’s specifications and will come with many luxurious touches inside.

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