The 8 Best Looking Cars of 1978

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BMW 6-Series

The Seventies and Eighties were the golden age for well-proportioned midsize German coupes–take note of the Mercedes-Benz further down this list. I am prepared to argue that this generation 6-Series is among the best-looking BMWs ever built. Sleek, tight, purposeful, and free of unnecessary detail, the “6” was as elegant a Bavarian ride as was ever imported to the States. Looking at this car I realize how much I miss the simple elegance of thin roof pillars.

Chevrolet Caprice/Impala Coupe

I’ve written about this car before, but I just can’t get past how sleek and rakish these coupes look, thanks especially to their “bent-glass” back-window treatment. This example is a Caprice Classic, but the more affordable Impala looked no less cool. Looking at these cars makes me wish there was still a market for large coupes.

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