Ten Most Rare American Muscle Cars

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7. The 1967 Plymouth R023 GTX

Prior to the release of the GTX023, Plymouth’s GTX was nothing more than a shadow of the popular Barracuda series and the powerful Roadrunner. This is probably why GTXs are rarer to come by than other Plymouth models. The rarest of them is the GTX R023 model. There were only 55 of them made and all were designed for the racing track. The car lacked all the luxurious amenities of the former GTX such as radio, heater, carpet, insulations, and even hubcaps. It was stripped all non-essential extras to shed off extra weight. In fact, it was 500 lbs lighter than the normal GTX, despite having a 426 cubic inch Hemi engine. Notably, it could go from zero to 60 within 4.8 seconds, which was quite a feat in 1967.

6. The 1970-71 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible

Ask any muscle car fan if there has ever been or will ever be a better car than the Hemi Cuda and the answer will be a definite no. The Cuda was born after Plymouth redesigned its Barracuda series in 1970. It came with 5 different engine sizes starting from 340 cubic inches to 440 cubic inches. The rarest of them all is the 426 cubic inch Hemi. Between 1970 and 71, Cudas were the only cars having a 426 cubic inch Hemi engine. The 1970-1971 Cuda convertibles are quite rare today. There were only 21 produced, probably because the engine upgrade cost $871.

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