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AD Tramontana – As exotic as a spacecraft

It may be hard to describe your first glance at the Tramontana because you’ll probably be absolutely speechless. This dominating creation from the Spanish company gets its name from the Spanish northern wind and with its F1 profile and 202 mph rating, the name definitely fits. The first versions were open topped but the close top version; Tramontana R is now available in single or in double in tandem seating. Designed to perform as a combination of Formula 1 racecar and fighter jet, each Tramontana is custom designed for the driver. It comes in a mind-bending cost of around $800,000. Powered by a mid-mounted twin turbo Mercedes-Benz 5.5 liter V12 engine with dual selectable settings of 550 or 720 hp.

DC Avanti, one beautiful machine

Indian company DC design began developing its first production vehicle in 2010, and now it’s here. It’s a sports car based on the Studebaker Avanti. The body style looks like that of a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. The uniquely shaped front grille intimidating tapering hood and large headlamps give the car amazing front view. The rear view is equally impressive highlighted by the V-shaped taillights and an armored shaped hood.

The Avanti’s interior is generously roomie but unlike the stunning body style, the cockpit steering wheel and instrumentation are far more of a basic design and almost a throwback to sports cars of decades past. The Avanti’s wicked exterior gives the impression of speed and performance although it’s a bit modest in its category. Its turbocharged two-liter produces only 250 hp which means it needs 7.5 seconds to reach from 0 to 60 mph. The prices are starting around $640,000.

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