5 Supercar Concepts That Should’ve Been Made

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There are plenty of ludicrous concept supercars out there. Atrocities that we would never want to see produced. However, every once in a while, an automaker hits the mark just right, and suddenly we find ourselves in love with a technologically advanced and exceptionally fast machine we can’t actually have.

It seems, most of the time, the ones we like the best don’t make it to production whether it be due to the car’s high cost, the automaker’s inability to actually produce the vehicle on a high scale, or the fact that some designs just aren’t viable for a legitimate production road car. No matter what the reason, we still want them. Here are the five supercar concepts we want the most.

Cadillac Cien

In 2002, Cadillac showed off a breathtaking concept supercar at the Detroit Auto Show, the Cien. It was a 7.5-liter V12-powered supercar. Its styling was unmistakably Cadillac while still being something very new for the brand. The engine and technology throughout the car were extremely innovative for the time and are still interesting today. Many in the General Motors community pushed hard for the Cadillac supercar to become a reality, but the brand never made it. Instead, they let it work as a PR tool and used the car to show off the fact that Cadillac could be a performance-focused brand.

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