15 Most Dangerous Cars Of All Time

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Hyundai Pony

Sold all around the world, the Hyundai Pony grew in popularity thanks to its cheap price compared to similar vehicles on the market. It was particularly popular in Canada, with more than 50,000 cars sold in just two years from 1984 to 1985. As it was the first mass-produced car to come out of South Korea, it had a number of issues that made accidents far more likely, with the main problem being the cheap raw materials that had been used to construct the chassis and body that offered little protection in a crash.

Geely CK

First produced in 2005, the Geely CK is a Chinese car that only sells in a number of markets around the world, most notably in China, South America and Russia. However, officials have not allowed it to release in the US and other European countries after it failed almost every safety test it has gone through. Many of the vehicles have no airbags, while examiners noted that during crash testing the body was prone to collapsing almost completely, giving drivers and passengers no protection.

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