12 of the Most Beautiful Wedge-Shaped Supercars Ever Made

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From The Wedge Car To Beautiful Supercars!

12. Lamborghini Marzal

Year: 1967

Lamborghini Marzal can rightly be considered the grandfather of wedge. It was the first wedge-shaped car ever designed, and to say it had ruffled some feathers at the 1967 Geneva Motor Show would be an understatement. We have then 29-year old Bertone virtuoso designer Marcello Gandini to thank for. Marzal wasn’t all that powerful with 175-horsepower 2.0L straight-six engine. Moreover, it never actually made production, and it remained a one-off prototype. However, it single-handedly propelled the wedge into something that’ll soon become mainstream.

11. Lotus Esprit

Years: 1976-2004

Lotus Esprit has had such a long and prosperous life that its creators can’t have any regrets. Apart from not making it more reliable overall, maybe. In any case, all five Esprit generations were as wedge as wedge goes, although earlier models did come sharper. Apart from being one stylish and powerful UK piece of wedge, people will mostly remember Esprit for its Bond car role in 1977 The Spy Who Loved Me.

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