10 of the Most Powerful American Cars Ever Made

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9. 2013-2017 Dodge Viper TA (640 hp)

V10 engine has always been Viper’s focal point. One thing that bothers me, though, is the fact they needed 8.4L behemoth in order to achieve 640 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque. At least Mopar engineers kept it clean cut, naturally aspirated. Nevertheless, Vipers were always there, among the select company of coolest American cars. Because, let’s face it – a car that’s constantly trying to kill you has to be considered cool. Dodge Viper TA (Time Attack) debuted in 2013, but remained in circulation until the sports car’s demise. Parallel to TA models, from 2015 onward, Dodge also offered TA 2.0 models with updated aero package and improved downforce. Although TA handled better than conventional Vipers, its top speed was reduced to 193 mph. Meanwhile, 2.0 versions kept the top speed of 206 mph and also managed to slightly improve on fuel economy.

8. 2016-present Cadillac CTS-V (640 hp)

High-performance version of the luxury 4-door CTS sedan churns out 640 horsepower as of 2016 model year. A feat that’s courtesy of 6.2L supercharged LT4 small-block V8 engine also found in top tier Camaro and Corvette models (more on these later). For now, it’s the only Cadillac capable of making 600+ ponies. A state we believe will change in years that follow. Well, Cadillac brass wanted to debunk the myth that Caddy’s only appeal to older population. What better way to scare the old folks than to stick the most powerful available small-block V8 in their car?! Anyway, for close to $90,000 you get a plushy lightning rod of a car that doesn’t joke around.

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