10 Best No-Limit Supercars In The World

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10) Porsche 911 GT2 RS

We all know that the 911 GT2 RS is fast. It’s not just kind of fast, it’s crazy fast. That being said, it’s a scary sort of speed. It’s not the kind of car that anybody can drive, and people who can afford these machines probably won’t be racing drivers. There is no backseat or radio, just a roll cage and a smile. People who can afford this machine won’t be using it on a daily basis. This is a track car, so for that reason, it comes last. Prices start at $245,000.

9) Lexus LFA

This car was very difficult to rank. There is no doubt in our minds that the LFA is a very quick car in a straight line and around the bends. The engineering behind it is stunning, but we do have an issue with it. The LFA isn’t the fastest car ever made, it’s not the most powerful, and it’s not even the quickest to 60 MPH. Even the ZR1 can beat it around that big German racetrack. So why does this Toyota cost nearly $400,000? We don’t know. We simply can’t justify that cost. Add options and you could buy the 458 Italia for everyday use and the 911 GT2 RS for track fun. As an engineering statement, the LFA is brilliant, but just a bit too expensive and a bit too nerdy. In the world of school, the LFA is the student who stays after class to do extra credit just for the love of learning. Was that child a cool person in high school? We think not.

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