Thanks to a New Bill, Families Receiving Child Tax Credits Will Save $200 on Their Taxes This Year.

A new bill signed into law in Alabama would provide further financial relief to families who claim child tax credits.

Governor Kay Ivey signed a child tax credit measure Monday, February 23, delivering assistance to families across the state.

The House version of the law was approved last week, but it was still awaiting the Governor’s signature heading into the holiday weekend.

According to the Alabama Daily News, the law has received widespread support.

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It cleared both chambers last week, but some are disappointed that relief didn’t arrive sooner, before tax season began.

During Covid, compassion for parents who were working, homeschooling, or caring for small children helped make the law a reality.

One of the issues was that people were working while their children were not in school,” says the author. “As a result, they had to spend extra money to have someone look after their children while they were at work,” Representative Jim Carns explained.

“Parents were put at a huge disadvantage,” Senator Roberts said. And it is for this reason that certain incentive money have been set aside. As a result, we’re delighted that this was passed.”