How Does Benefit Rollover Work With Food Stamps?

Every year, millions of Americans rely on food stamps, often known as SNAP assistance. What happens to balances at the end of the year?

  • If you have a balance at the end of the month, it will carry over to the following month.
  • If you haven’t used your food stamps in 9 months, they will be taken from your EBT card.
  • If you have benefits left over at the end of December 2022, they will be credited to your account in January 2023.

Taking advantage of food stamps

You’ll have to fill out an application.

Within 7 days of receiving your approval, you will receive food stamps.

Following the initial payment, your instalments will be made according to the state’s timetable.

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Food stamps can’t be used to buy certain things like :-

  • paper products
  • medicines and vitamins
  • household supplies
  • grooming items
  • cosmetics
  • alcoholic beverages
  • tobacco products
  • hot food
  • pet foods
  • soaps

After using your EBT card at the store, your balance should be listed on the bottom of your receipt.

You can also check the balance of your benefits by logging into your account online.

For further information about balances, contact your local SNAP office.