Garland Confirms That Secret Information Was Discovered in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Records.

Secret Information Was Discovered in Trump's Mar-a-Lago Records

Merrick Garland, the U.S. attorney general, said that classified material had been discovered at the former president Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate but declined to clarify whether a federal investigation had begun.

Attorney General Eric Holder’s office has been apprised of this, Garland said at a press conference on Tuesday. “And we’ll do the same thing we always do in these situations: examine the facts and the law, and then make a decision based on that.”

Members of Congress were alerted on Friday by archivist David Ferriero that documents stored at the Florida property were “designated as classified national security information.

” Ferriero added that the National Archives has requested that Trump’s representatives continue searching for other materials.

Former DOJ official David Laufman, who oversaw investigations into the mishandling of sensitive information, stated that it would be a “severe deviation from a long line of precedent” if a probe was never started.

Garland Confirms That Secret Information Was Discovered in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Records.

Former CIA director David Petraeus and national security adviser Sandy Berger have both been accused of removing or retaining classified information without authorization.

A previous president’s probable criminal prosecution could face greater challenges because presidents traditionally have considerable power over what is designated classified, according to legal experts.

But for those who helped pack, transport, and open the boxes, there may not be the same obstacles as a former president.

“The National Archives did not ‘discover’ anything, they were given, upon request, Presidential Records in an ordinary and routine process to guarantee the preservation of my legacy and in conformity with the Presidential Records Act,” Trump said in a statement.

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In Trump’s words, “If this were anyone except ‘Trump,’ there would be no news.”

The Biden Justice Department is once again put in the awkward position of deciding whether to investigate a former president in a contentious political climate because of the current political climate.

An investigation like this usually involves two or three federal prosecutors and FBI agents who are assigned to gather information about how the documents were transported from Washington, D.C. to Florida.

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If federal investigators begin contacting witnesses and prosecutors ask for warrants to search email accounts of persons who worked closely with Trump in the White House, the DOJ’s conclusion may become clearer in the coming weeks.

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